Urban Encounters

A Reconfigurable Furniture Installation

‘Urban Encounters’ is an experimental project designed to investigate how people interact with public sculpture and its role within the urban landscape.

Inspired by Jeppe Hein’s Modified Social Bench, I wanted to create something interactive in the public space that can be activated by the viewer. Through my navigation in the city, I realized that most our interactions with public structure are dictated by the preconceived function of the structure.


Urban Encounters
Reconfigurable Furniture Installation

Recycled Foam
Dimension Varies

Project Description

What if we give people the freedom to construct a structure and space for themselves? What if the structure can be manipulated by us in order to fulfill our particular needs at the moment? Can public sculpture create an alternative experience to all the structures already exists within the urban landscape?


With these questions in mind, I designed a group of reconfigurable furniture to give users the power to construct their own space instead of being dominated by the existing one. It can also be used as a tool to study the interactive relationship between people and public structure in the urban space.