A Material Exploration Project

Food waste and food losses are generated throughout the whole food supply chains from farm to fork. The use of food waste as a source for raw materials for bioplastic is an especially sought result, since it could significantly improve the sustainability of our economy following one of the circular economy paradigms: substitution of plastics produced from non-renewable sources with bioplastics that are biodegradable and/or derived from renewable sources.  


As an exploratory and investigative project, 'Paradigm' is designed to push for material innovations with food waste-based bioplastics and explore the potential applications of those new materials.


Material Reasearch

Inspired by recipes pioneered by Materiom, a biomaterial research organization, I further developed my materials by varying proportions of each ingredients and introducing new additives to the original recipes. As a result, I produced a wide range of materials with different properties and came up with seven different applications, each highlighting and utilizing different material properties at varies stage of its formation.